FOTGA S-light3 Lightweight 4×4 4×5.65 Clip-on Mini Matte Box for DSLR Mirrorless Camera

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  • Specially designed for DSLR and mirrorless camera,lightweight,durable and easy to install and storage.
  • You can clip it on the front of your lens through the adapter ring in the package.Included adapter rings are 67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm.You can also purchase 52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm adapter ring separately.
  • Comaptible with 4×4″/4×5.65″/100mmx100mm lens filter.Also supports working with circular lens filter 52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm,67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm are included in the package,others can be purchased separately.
  • Multiple connectors on the top for different accessories: two 1/4″-20 holes,one 3/8″-16 screw holes,two cold shoe.
  • Made of high quality and durable material with carbon fiber top flag,protect the matte box from crack ,scratch during accident falling-off.Lightweight and durable,net weight is 135g.
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FOTGA DP500IIIS S.light Mini Matte Box

  • The FOTGA S.Light mini lightweight matte box is specially designed for DSLR and mirrorless camera.Made of high quality material,it weighs only 135g / 4.76oz,lightweight but very durable.Easy to take outside and storage.
  • Top flag is made of carbon fiber and box is made of special high quality plastic and aluminum alloy,protect matte box from crack,scratch at accident falling-off.
  • With two 1/4″ -20 ,a 3/8″-16 screw hole and Two cold shoe mount on the top for a light microphone,LED light,etc.

Multiple filter options:

  • Front frame supports a 100mmx100,or a 4×4″ or a 4×5.65″ filter with thickness up to 4mm.
  • You can also use circular filters by screwing it into the back of or the front of the adpter ring that comes in the package.With the coming ring adapter,you can use 67mm,72mm lens filter.
  • Additional ring adapters (52mm,55mm,58mm and 62mm) are available for purchasing separately.
  • How to install? Attach the ring adapter in the front of your lens,then snap the matte box onto the ring adapter.

    Supports 4×4,4×5.65 lens filter as well as circular lens fitler from 52mm to 82mm (lens filters are not included)

    • Supports working with a 4×4 lens filter or a 4×5.65 lens filter with thickness up to 4mm.
    • Also can work with circular lens filter with thread 52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm.(Please be mind 77mm variable ND filter wont work)
    • 67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm ring adapters are included.
    • 52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm ring adapters need to be purchased separately.
    • Max One 4×4 or 4×5.65 filter and two circular lens filter can be used at the same time.
    • Made of high-quality material,weighs only 135g/4.76oz,lightweight but very durable.
    • With two 1/4″ -20 ,a 3/8″-16 screw hole and Two cold shoe mount on the top for a light microphone,LED light,etc


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