The FOTGA team is always devoted to develop first-class DSLR camera rigs with unparalleled lifetime warranty and world renowned customer service.
Our factory is managed by professional production teams and equipped with the most advanced machines. Our ethos consists of listening and talking to our consumers, developing the solution they desire, then marketing a high quality product as the end result.
We always strive to meet all the needs and dreams of filmmakers.

Our design is for maximizing the value of your investment.

We use the most advanced manufacturing techniques and materials.

In the era of rapidly developed technology,digital cameras are renewed and replaced very fast.We pay much attention on the compatibility,continuity and versatility of our products during our design.In ten years later,you may see that the FOTGA products you purchase right now still work with your new purchased camera(s).

The predecessor of FOTGA was a department making machine tools itself. In the early years, we even made some special CNC machines for producing photographic products. Nowadays, we
manufacture FOTGA products by our own-made machines together with the world’s most advanced CNC machines.Meantime, we extensively use advanced materials including carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, flexible PCB etc to ensure durability and reliability of our product.

Our goal is to make sure both us,our partners and users benefit.