JTZ DP30 Camera Cage Rig for SONY A7,A7II,A7R,A7RII,A7S,A7SII DSLR Camera with 15mm Rail Rod Baseplate Rig+ 4×4″ Carbon Fiber Matte Box+ Follow Focus+ Power Supply (LE Version)


Specially designed cage for SONY A7S A7SII A7SM2 A7R A7RII A7M2 A7 II Cameras.
The set is assembled by Camera Cage with 15mm Baseplate Rig and Top Handle,4×4″ Carbon Fiber Matte Box,Follow Focus,LE Version Power Supply.
Equipped with JTZlink, through JTZlink’s top handle can achieve the Camera Video Start / Stop Function.
Only the Zoom, W/T, Focus, REC buttons on the handles are available for Sony A7 A7R A7S Series Camera,Other buttons are unavailable,like IRIS.

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Product description
Model: Camera Cage Rig+Follow Focus+Matte Box+Power Supply(LE Version)

JTZ Cage Bracket for SONY A7/A7R/A7S and Mark II

The cage is specially designed for Sony A7, A6000, A9 series camera, by changing the QR plate, you can use it with different Sony mirrorless cameras. This link is for A7/A7R/A7S and Mark II series cameras.
Electronic top handle and side handgrip, support REC start/stop, focus, and zoom.
There are a cold shoe and a 15mm rod hole for extending more accessories. Multiple 1/4″ and 3/8″ mount hole.
With lens support for securing your lens.
The length of the extension arm is adjustable. The position of the shoulder pad is also moveable according to need.
Compatible with 15mm rail system.15mm rods are with the joint adapter for extending.
Excellent and special design make you still be able to connect to audio, monitor, USB, etc.

15mm/19mm Compatible Follow Focus, A/B Stops, Multiple Gears, Electronic buttons (REC, Focus, Zoom)

Compatible with 15mm rail as well as 19mm rail. Quick-release version for a fast attach and detach.
A/B hard stops, which have easy begin/end setups for fast repeatable racking between two points. You can also remove the A/B screws to make it work as a regular follow focus.
Handwheel can be removed and assembled underneath. You can also buy a little 15mm rod clamp piece to make it work on a single 15mm rod. The big handwheel is covered with anti-slip rubber, which also brings comfortability, especially in extreme weather.
Coming with multiple gears (M0.8 38T/43T/65T, M0.6 64T, M0.5 78T, a rubber gear for lens without gear ring). Gear can be mounted on both sides of the follow focus.
Standard 12x12mm port for speed crank, speed whip.
The buttons on it can realize the function of RED start/stop, focus, and zoom when working together with JTZlink.

JTZ 4×4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box,15mm/19mm Rail Clamp, Swing-away type, 360-degree rotatable filter tray

Universal design for all DSLR cameras, video cameras, interchangeable-Lens cameras & Industry-standard 15mm rod system, and 19mm rod system.
Support maximum of 14mm ultra-wide-angle lenses or large lenses up to 114mm in diameter
Lightweight and Durable Construction, Carbon Fiber matte box body and Aluminum alloy filter trays, in the case of ensuring the overall strength and minimize the weight
The matte box provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with its foldable french flags and adjustable side wings
For changing lenses quickly, the unit features a swing-away mechanism at 90 degrees and one key to unlock, automatic closure, and allow height adjustable
Compatible with a 4×4 lens filter. It comes with 2 filter trays and one of 2 is 360 degrees rotating filter trays.

JTZ C5 LE 15mm Rail V Mount Battery Plate/Charger, Switch on/off

JTZ DP30 C5 LE CCUPS V-Mount Uninterrupted Power Supply BP Battery Plate with 15mm/19mm Rail Rod Clamp for Sony Canon Nikon Panasonic A7 A7S A7R II III A9 A6500 GH4/5/5s Blackmagic Monitor EVF, D-Tape
Adopts FG-EP-100W standard, it can support up to 100W power consumption of the device.Output 5V/USB 8V 12V 16.8V(1+2).Max 16.8V output D-tape port.
XT-30 female output. For some cameras, like Blackmagic.
2 methods of power supply: Sony type standard v mount and AC power supply. It can also charge a V mount battery.
It can be also used as a charger to charge your battery.
Power on/off switch. Turn the power off when you stop taking the video to avoid power loss.
It comes with Universal Worldwide Travel Wall Charger. You can take it worldwide.

Package included:

JTZ Camera Cage: Top Handle Grip, Camera Cage, Baseplate Modules (for A7/A7R/A7S, and Mark II Cameras)
JTZ DP30 Carbon Fiber 4″x4″ Matte Box
JTZ DP30 Single-Sided Cinema Follow Focus
JTZ DP30 LE Version V-Mount Uninterrupted Power Supply


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