FOTGA DP500III Quick Release QR A/B Hard Stops Follow Focus For 15mm Rail Rod System Camera Rig

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Compatible with industry-standard 15mm rods
Package Included:
1 x Fotga DP500 Mark III QR A/B Hard Stops Follow Focus (15mm Rod clamp)
1 x M0.8-43T Gear
1 x Gear Belt

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This DP500 Mark III New Version than DP500 IIS More precise and lighter, more comfortable, more attachment extensions, more compatibility, the ultimate digital interfaces, more intelligent

Main Feature:

1. In the Classic DP500 Mark II basis, the new design was more precision and smoothness of the transmission structure and output interface.
2. In ensuring Follow Focus high rigidity and high reliability of the premise, relatively DP500 Mark IIS nearly 16% weight reduction, reduce the overall system weight and easy to carry.
3. Adds the rubber hand wheel cover of resistance to high and low-temperature engineering, more easy to operate in cold weather and harsh environment regions, it’s also more comfortable in peacetime use.
4. Dedicated slide and rocker arm to fit larger imaging system and more digitized monitor extensions.
5. The new modular design with an extended accessory was compatible with the large-sized imaging system.


Model: DP500 Mark III Quick Release A/B Hard Stop Follow Focus
Material: Sturdy Metal CNC Machined.
Hidden screw design, appearance shape smarter and elegance.
Improved design Internal bearing transmission structure, dampen was truly realized zero backlashes.
Long-life precision engineered gearbox enables accurate and reliable focusing
2 levels adjustable damping.
Integrated with A/B Hard Stops, stoppers can also be detached and then stored in the slots within the follow focus itself.
Drive gear can be mounted from both sides. (Works for both right-handed and left-handed)
Drive Gear Interface: Compatible with JTZ X Type Interface Standard.
Can use different size gears to meet your need with different lenses. This updated version is designed to fit for 5 size gears. (M0.8-38T/M0.8-43T/M0.8-65T/M0.5-78T/M0.6-64T ). We will default to ship the M0.8-43T if not specific.
Adjustable locking systems
Quick-release version easily attaches and detach.
The white mark ring is included. Made of magnet material, easy to be detached and attached.
Compatible with industry-standard 15mm rods
Rail distance: 110cm

Suitable For:

All DSLR cameras, Video cameras, Interchangeable-Lens cameras.
for Sony A7 Series,(A7, A7R, A7S), A7II Series(A7II, A7RII, A7SII),
for Panasonic GH3/GH4,
for Blackmagic BMPCC,
for Canon5DII/5DIII/5DIV,
for Nikon D500
Blackmagic BMPC/URSA/URSA mini, Sony FS100/FS700/FS5/FS7/F55/F5/F3, RED SCARLET/EPIC/RAVEN/ONE, Kinefinity KineRAW/KineMAX, etc.


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