FOTGA DP500 Mark III Professional Metal DSLR Swing-away Matte Box


Package Including:
1x FOTGA DP500 MARK III Matte Box
1x Top Flag
2x Side Flags
1x Swing-away mechanism
1x Sunshade Board (16:9)
6 x Donuts (104mm,98mm,88mm,84mm,76mm,64mm)
2x 4×4″ Filter Holder
1x Lens connection soft cloth

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Product Description:

The FOTGA D500 Mark III Matte box is a professional device universally designed for all DSLR cameras, video cameras, interchangeable-Lens cameras, and camcorders and it is compatible with any industry-standard 15mm rail system. It features precision-engineered Swing-Away mechanism for quick lens changes and allows height adjustment.


Rugged & lightweight, Made of all metal CNC machined except for the matte box body and filter trays, in the case of ensuring the overall strength and minimize the weight.

The excellent extinction treatment inside of the matte box, can effectively block the glare and reflected light.

The kit includes one foldable French flag and two adjustable side wings. Flags are both foldable for storage, Flags are locked by metal screws, easily attached and removed.

It comes with 2 filter trays: One of these 2 trays is 360 degrees rotatable. Compatible with standard 4×4 filters.

In addition to common 4X4 filters in the thickness of 1mm-2mm, it also supports 4X4 filters up to 4mm in thickness, which enable some high-quality filters to be used.

Multiple donuts included (104mm,98mm,88mm,84mm,76mm,64mm) for different need. Support maximum of 14mm ultra-wide-angle lenses or large lenses up to 114mm in diameter.

Includes a knicker (soft cloth connection) for using with different size of the lens.

For changing lenses quickly, the unit features a swing-away mechanism at 90 degrees and one key to unlock, automatic closure and allow height adjustable. Instead of moving the mounting position of the matte box, (which may be blocked by other rig accessories, or require rod extensions to fit), it can simply be lifted one key to undo.


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