FOTGA DP3000 M2 Pro Matte Box for 15mm Rod DSLR Rig


Package Including:
1x FOTGA DP3000 Matte box (M2)
1x French Flag
2x Side Flags
2x Filter Trays
4x Donuts ( size at 103mm,76mm,64mm,51mm)

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Product description:

This FOTGA DP3000 Matte box (M2) is a professional device universally designed to accommodate all DSLR’s and camcorders and is compatible with any industry-standard 15mm rail system.


The matte box gives provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with its foldable french flags and adjustable side wings.

4pcs of donuts included meeting your different needs of lenses. It also provides a means of using 4×4″ filters and one of the 180 degrees rotating filter trays and much more!

It is specially designed for most DV cameras with wide-angle lenses. With a competitive price, this matte box will be your optimal selection. It will greatly facilitate your digital life.

2 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4″x4″ filter. One of the 2 filter trays is rotatable, which will be helpful when you use a gradual ND filter.

The kit includes one French flag and two adjustable side wings. Each of the three flaps can be positioned and locked in place so as to suit different focal lengths by providing the maximum amount of shading without getting in the way of the shot.

A set of 4 “donut” rings are included.(Size at 103mm,76mm,64mm,51mm).By fitting one of these rings, light from the rear of the matte box can be blocked out, leaving only the camera lens protruding through. Donuts are slightly flexible, and the four sizes range to fit almost any lens diameter

Universal design for all camcorders and DSLRs & Industry-standard 15mm supporting rods, center-to-center rails distance 60mm

Material: Made of Metal and Plastic


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