FOTGA DP3000 M2 Dampen A/B Hard Stop Follow Focus for 15mm DSLR Rig System


Package included:
1 x Fotga DP3000 M2 Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stop
1 x 0.8mm Gear Belt (adjustable for 46mm-110mm)
1 x Gear ( 43T standard )

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Product description:

This FOTGA DP3000 Series of Follow Focus is not only keeping with traditional common features available on the market but also equipped with technological advances in image capture. It is consisting of an improved gearbox, which promises no backlash or less backlash(<0.5mm). It’s a so smart, high quality, lightweight, full-featured product, it’s the best choice for professional and amateur photographers.

Main Features:
-There is an improvement in its inner structure to reach a high level in this field, the dampened gearbox, which permits much less backlash(even zero backlashes), even better than most follow focus on the market.
-This improved Follow Focus Integrated with A/B Hard Stops which have easy begin/end setups for fast repeatable racking between two points, and make focusing lenses that have no hard stops (such as Canon EF lenses) much easier.
-The gear wheel on it can be detached and installed on both sides, which makes it suitable for both left-hand and right-hand photographer. The connection mount to the gear wheel is not only the newest version but also the last upgrade version.
-The white mark ring is made of the magnet material. It can be detached or attached easily and quickly from the follow focus. You can also buy an additional mark ring.
-There is a release button on the side that can easily locate the focus.
-It can work with 3 different size gear to meet your different need with various lenses:
M0.8-38T gear: 38×0.8mm pitch,diameter is approx.28mm(Not included)
M0.8-43T gear: 43×0.8mm pitch,diameter is approx.31mm(Included)
M0.8-65T gear: 65×0.8mm pitch,diameter is approx.49mm(Not included)

Material: Aluminum Alloy+ ABS Plastic.
Zero backlashes (<0.5mm).
With A/B hard stops.
Long-life precision engineered gearbox enables accurate and reliable focusing.
Compatible with industry-standard Follow Focus Whip or Crank.
Gear drive can be mounted from both sides.(Works for both right-handed and left-handed).
This set includes a free flexible gear belt can be used with any zoom or prime lenses with a wide range of lens diameters(any size from 46 to 110mm).
Adjustable locking systems.
Mounts onto 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center difference).
MOD Drive Gear: Industry-standard 0.8. Can work with different size gear to meet your needs with different lenses.
Compatible with industry stand 15mm rods.
Rail distance: 60cm
Rail diameter: 15mm
Net Weight: 250g

Suitable for:
All DSLR cameras, Video cameras, BMCC and BMPCC


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