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Just updated and it won't turn on

Just updated, battery was full, two of them.  And now it won't turn on at all, anyway to hard reset?  Or should I send it in for a repair?

DP500  A50TLS

Hi nyphphotoemail,

did you also try to operate your monitor  with wall power supply ?
If  you sent it back, was the repair succesful or did you got refund ?

We observed a similar issue with  A70
The A70TLS model arrived with firmware 2.0 installed. It worked nice with both Sony batteries or with a common 12V power supply matching the written requirements.

However, after the first firmware upgrade  to latest version 2.03 (running on power supply, of course), the battery operation is broken; Even 100% loaded, it does no longer switch on the monitor (green light near Power button does not lit). If the monitor ist connected to power supply, it is still working fine.

Any suggestion how to resolve this issue?