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Epson Printer Troubleshooting | How To Factory Reset An Epson Printer?

Most of the printer issues can be fixed easily by factory resetting the printer machine. If you are experiencing any error or issue with your printer you can use the below steps to factory reset your printer machine and perform Epson printer troubleshooting.

  1. Switch off your printer and turn its rear face towards yourself.
  2. Navigate and press the Reset button on your Epson printer.
  3. Take some pointy object such as a paper clip or ballpoint pen and use it to hold down the reset button.
  4. While you are holding the reset button and turn on your Epson printer.
  5. Release the button when a warning page prints out.
  6. At last, a page with a reset printer’s IP address will be printed.

You have successfully factory reset your Epson printer. Try printing something from your printer and see if your printer issue is fixed or not. If the issue persists, contact the Epson Printer Support experts for assistance.

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