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A50TLS - REC. 709 Issues

I was trying some of the functions and I found that if the color space is set to REC. 709 the Zebra doesn't work if set over 89 percent, the zebra pattern just disappears.

Also the False Color profiles don't reach 100 percent (overexposed), for example the type 1 should give me red color on complete white level, but instead it gives me yellow.

After setting color space to DCI-P3 they work as intended.

Aside these strange issues it is a good small monitor, satisfied with the purchase.

About the cold shoe connector, the top part, that connect the monitor, is a little loose and it rotate way too easily, I tried to tight the nut inside, but still after a few turns it come back loose, so I add some rubber to prevent it from turning at all. Something to keep in mind maybe for the next version...

Yes you have to reset the color space and that you can do in the assignment writing setting tab. This option you ill under the top right corner after the fonts tab. So hope this info will help to resolve this matter. For further assistant do contact.