JTZ DP30 Dual Follow Focus for FS700 C300 C500 BMCC A7M2 ARRI RED (复制)

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of digital cinematography technique, more and more powerful digital cinema cameras (video dslr and video mirrorless camera) come out. Under this circumstances, we intend to make out a set of auxiliary rig that applicable to all brand and model cameras, then here comes out our DP30 series.DP30 takes ALLinOne concept into its structure design, and this ensures all main modules of it compatible with almost all main cinema cameras, video dslr cameras, video mirrorless cameras on the market. With DP30, you will only need to change very few camera body connecting parts or cage, sometimes even need no any change when you change your camera brand or model.(Including professional digital cinema cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras of RED, ARRI, Blackmagic, SONY P series, SONY ILCE, Canon CINEMA EOS, Canon EOS and Panasonic, etc)
DP30 adopts JTZlink protocol to its electronic performance. JTZlink is one kind of controlling connection module designed for digital cinema cameras, and it is workable with almost all cinema camera controlling protocols on the market. (including professional digital cinema cameras, video dslr cameras and video mirrorless cameras of RED, ARRI, Blackmagic, SONY P series, SONY ILCE, Canon CINEMA EOS, Canon EOS, Panasonic and Nikon, etc). With JTZlink, the above different brand and model cameras can be controlled by one set of controlling device (wired or wireless)at the same time. With the JTZlink module, it can also support digital zoom, focus, aperture, ISO, zoom in, menu and other controls.
DP30 series is a set of seriously-designed auxiliary tools for cinema video photographing. It is designed strictly basing on film industry standards and usage patterns. DP30adopts a real module design on its structure. It features an affinity to all cinematographers at various level.

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  •  JTZ DP30 Professional Dual-Sided Cinema Follow Focus is compatible with 19mm Studio and 15mm Lightweight Support (LWS) rod system. The complete kit contains as follow:

    JTZ DP30 Follow Focus x 1
    Second Handwheel x 1
    15mm Quick Release Rod Adapter x 1
    19mm Quick Release Rod Adapter x 1
    15mm to 19mm Rod Adapter x 1
    JTZ X Type Rocker Arm Speed (1:1) x 1
    JTZ X Type Rocker Arm Speed (1:1.5) x 1
    JTZ X Type Rocker Arm Speed (1:2) x 1
    Dual-Sided Follow Focus Core x 1
    Extension Handwheel Arm x 1
    Low Angle L-Shape Connecting base x 1
    15mm Single Sliding Block x 1
    Speed Crank handle x 1
    10 In. Focus Whip x 1
    Marking Disk x 5
    Rubber Gear x 1
    JTZ X Type M0.8-38T gear: 0.8 Mod, Dia.28mm, 38 Teeth x 1
    JTZ X Type M0.8-43T gear: 0.8 Mod, Dia.32mm, 43 Teeth x 1
    JTZ X Type M0.8-65T gear: 0.8 Mod, Dia.50mm, 65 Teeth x 1
    JTZ X Type M0.6-64T gear: 0.6 Mod, Dia.28mm, 32 Teeth x 1
    JTZ X Type M0.5-78T gear: 0.5 Mod, Dia.28mm, 38 Teeth x 1

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Weight 3100 g
Dimensions 34.5 × 25 × 15 mm


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